Who are the Givers?

You can help support the mission of the Garrett College Foundation by volunteering your time and talents. You may also make a charitable gift to one of the many great programs and educational opportunities found at Garrett College.

Since its opening in 1971, Garrett College has been able to grow and develop because private donors have been generous in their support.  These include alumni, employees, businesses, foundations and friends of the College in the larger community.

Alumni Giving is the most tangible measure of satisfaction with Garrett College, as past graduates contribute to the educational advancement of current students.

Employee Giving reflects the commitment of faculty and staff to Garrett College’s educational mission and their pride in contributing to the achievements of those who pass through its doors.

Corporate Giving to Garrett College is an investment in an enterprise that businesses know to be important to their success and  to the community in which the businesses operate.

Friends of the College include parents of graduates, permanent or seasonal residents of Garrett County, and all who appreciate the  contributions of the College to their families and to the region.

Foundation Grants are usually competitive and signify a close match between the College’s needs and the interests of the donor organization. Foundations are especially interested in the level of alumni and employee giving as evidence of their continuing satisfaction and support for the College.

Are you among those who give to Garrett College? If not, consider making a gift or a pledge today. Every contribution matters, no matter how small!