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GC Foundation Formalizes Two Scholarships

Dr. Jeanne Neff, Susie Crawford, and Cherie Krug.

Dr. Jeanne Neff, Susie Crawford, and Cherie Krug.

The Garrett College Foundation recently reviewed and reconfirmed the Memorandum of Understanding for two scholarships that the Foundation supports and administers: The Garrett College International Student Scholarship and Garrett College Foundation Grant.


International Student Scholarship may be used for tuition, books and other related costs for international students. Applications for this award will be submitted to the Financial Aid Department and reviewed by the Scholarship Awards Committee for selection of recipients with consideration of recommendations from program directors and coordinators.


The Committee will require an essay and phone interview from students and may require additional information. The review and selection process is subject to student aid and scholarship award guidelines as determined by Garrett College as well as applicable international regulations.


Applicants must be enrolled full-time at GC and be incoming international freshman applicants who demonstrate strong academic achievement in secondary school.  The students must maintain required status for the student’s Visa requirements; have a minimum TOEFEL score of 550; maintain an overall grade point average of at least 2.5; remain free of judicial sanctions resulting from violations of the Student Code of Conduct, and demonstrate financial need.


The Garrett College Foundation Grant was established to provide scholarship(s) at GC to support tuition, books, and other related costs. There is no specific major requirement, but applicants must be a year or more from their high school graduation date. The student may be deemed as either dependent or independent as defined by the U.S. Department of Education and demonstrate financial need as determined by applicants’ completion of a current FAFSA form.


According to Cherie Krug, Executive Director of the GC Foundation, one of the purposes of the recent review of these scholarships was to make criteria less restrictive in order to benefit more students. She also noted that plans are already underway for the GC Foundation Spring Benefit to support these scholarships awarded by the Foundation. The event will be held Saturday, April 12, at The Herrington, in Oakland.


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