Board of Directors

You can help support the mission of the Garrett College Foundation by volunteering your time and talents. You may also make a charitable gift to one of the many great programs and educational opportunities found at Garrett College.

Susie Crawford

I am privileged to serve as the Chair of the Garrett College Foundation Board. Many in the Garrett County community remember my mother, the late Joan Crawford, who dedicated nearly 30 years of her life as an educator at Garrett College. At her Memorial Service in October 2010, former Garrett College President Dr. Steve Herman said this about her dedication to her students in his eulogy:

She taught them how to write but even more she gave them strength because she understood their individual struggles to get an education, and she went out of her way to help them achieve personal and professional success.

In a very real sense, it is also the mission of the Garrett College Foundation to help students with that struggle by providing them with the financial means to get an education so they can achieve personal and professional success. By raising money for student scholarships and academic and recreation programs, the Foundation opens doors to higher education, enrichment, and future success for countless people across our community. Garrett College is more than just a place – it is a college that nurtures minds, provides opportunity, and promises bright futures. Quite simply, Garrett College would not be Garrett College without its dedicated donors and volunteers of friends and alumni who have given their time, talent, and treasure to ensure that our community has access to a higher education and a better future. Won’t you join us in that mission to provide our students with the means to achieve personal and professional success?


FY15 Board of Directors
Susie Crawford, Board Chair

Barbara Hafer, Vice Chair

Joyce Bishoff, Secretary

Paul Weiler, Treasurer

Barbara Hafer, Member at Large

Jim Hinebaugh, Member at Large

Cristine Kepple, Member at Large

Mary Lantz, Member at Large

Barbara McClosky, Member at Large

Bartlett Naylor, Member at Large

Jeanne Neff, Member at Large

Lynn Newman, Member at Large

Carissa Rodeheaver, Member at Large

Greg Stoner, Member at Large

Alison Sweitzer, Member at Large

Rosie Versteegen, Member at Large

Cherie Krug, GCF Executive Director – Ex-Officio Member

Rick MacLennan, GC President – Ex-Officio Member

Madeleine Collins, GC Trustee Member

Ruth Seib, GC Trustee Member – Alternate